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United Kingdom

I'm 34 and live in the UK. Have been composing since I was ten and have only in the last six months decided to piece together all my old compositions into one place. Most are work in progress and plus if I get them online I won't lose them for another 4 years!

I can play the piano to about grade 8 and was educated to A' level music standard, although I am mainly self taught and just enjoy music as a hobby, and a life long passion.

In the picture with me is my son Thomas. Since that picture was taken he now has a younger brother called Kieran. I am married to Jennifer and we all live in a little house with music and keyboards all over the place!

Composers I draw heavily from, as well as being my preferred listening, include Beethoven, Mozart, Clementi, Haydn, JS Bach, Liszt, Alkan, Brahms.

Hope you might enjoy my music, or at least be gentle as I appreciate it is a bit raw. Yet I am slowly working on improving all the time.