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Hello. Thankyou for visiting this web page. I have just started assembling it and I will be posting more details of myself and my music, together with a few details of joint ventures with my wife. My music includes 2 symphonies, various short pieces for various combinations of instruments, 9 settings of The Lord's Prayer and several other short religious and choral pieces. I will upload some of these over the next few months as I prepare them for publication, i.e. 'tidy them up'. In the meantime I have uploaded a few short religious pieces for the time being. I have written many hymns, but only a few tunes for them, relying instead on existing tunes. I have decided that I should write my own tunes, so these will follow as I write them My wife (Elisabeth Traverse) has also written a new tune for one of my hymns and this appears under her name. I would appreciate any comments you care to make about the music, or your suggestions about what music YOU WANT for your choir etc. Your suggestions may be my inspiration!

Since starting this page I have been dogged by illness, not least falling of a 'woodland adventure frame' cosisting of bars, ropes etc.. I was, of course, showing off to my grandson! As a result, I am still hobbling a bit after 3 months! However, I have recovered enough to take a brighter view of life and I have just added 'Star of Light' to my scores. I think it is now too late to prepare other Christmas pieces this year, (I have always had the guitar accompaniment 'in my head' when my wife and I perform them), but they will be finished for next year. Also a children's harvest carol. Thanks for taking the trouble to visit my site and yes, I know I need to redo the picture! Thanks and 'bye for now'.

Colin. 14th October 2005