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United Kingdom

Hello, Not much to say really, have been writing music since I was a teenager. learning greatly through my many compositional mistakes, studied at GCSE and A Level before going on to University to study Music Composition and Education. My main area of interest is choir and Brass band (play trumpet, piano and sing Bass/Baritone)but I have also conducted Orchestras. I am willing to try my hand at most music styles, but I am mainly writing for groups and instrumentation I know and can get together. The name Cynghanned is a Welsh/Celtic type of modal music played on harp, pipe or crwth (early violin), it begins and ends on B flat with rich harmonies and a whole range of modulations in between. One of my biggest frustrations as a composer is not always being able to hear my work, so I would be interested in hearing from anyone who uses or performs anything I have done. Thank You and enjoy. Adrian Watts