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David Roseberry is a composer, orchestrator and arranger living in Winona Lake, IN.  Although he also works as an arranger and orchestrator, David specializes in music composition working in many different styles and genres, boldly exploring new musical territories and constantly establishing himself as a unique sound in the music industry. Currently David is working toward a career in film music.  As an arranger and orchestrator, David has worked for local symphonies in his area providing music for specialty concerts and has also worked for small ensembles from Grace College  and other places.  David has worked with many different clients on a variety of different projects. 

In his hometown of Redding, CA, David started his musical training in community college as a double major in piano and vocal performance. Under the teaching and direction Dr. Elizabeth Waterbury, and Dr. Richard Fiske, David slowly transitioned into music composition, and composed his first work, “Psalm 23”, for a cappella chorus.  At age 21 he chose music composition as a major when he transferred to Grace College to study under the renowned Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh – dean of the Grace College School of Music, director of the Symphony of the Lakes and director of the Masterworks Festival.

Under 25 years of age, David has already received several awards and recognitions including: winner of the 2008 and 2009 IMEA composition competition, a commission by the Symphony of the Lakes, a premier performance of The Cathedral of Ys by the Symphony of the Lakes and a premier performance of Rage in a Bottle by renowned pianist, Hugh Sung.  

Currently David resides in Winona Lake, IN with his wife, producing music out of his home studio and working as a freelance composer.