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United Kingdom

Since 2005, I have been playing organ and composing music as a hobby alongside school work and my studies in Civil Engineering at Plymouth University. After spending a short period as organist at HMS Raleigh, Torpoint and Director of Music at Stoke Damerel Church in Plymouth, I decided to get more involved in music.

At the age of 12, I began teaching myself to play organ with my own transcription of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's 'Phantom of the Opera' on the school chapel organ. I then went on to have regular lessons with Chris Totney and Dr. Richard Godfrey, becoming a member of the Lyme Regis Organ School (LROS) and frequent student at the yearly residential courses. In 2016 I was appointed to the commitee of LROS as advisor (See below for link).

Lyme Regis Organ School

I very much enjoy the music of composers such as Alain, Durufle, Messiaen and Langlais. I also have a soft spot for British Romantic organ music from composers such as Wolstenholme, Elgar and Hollins. I am a self-confessed Stanfordian (Sir Charles Villiers Stanford) and rate him as one of the best composers who ever lived and play his works as often as I can. In September 2016 I was appointed Honorary Secretary of the Stanford Society (See below for link).

The Stanford Society

If you are interested in my music or have any comments at all, I'd be very happy to hear from you!

*My page is currently under construction. Sheet music will be available again shortly!*