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I've been playing musical instruments privately for about 37 years, now a days. Just love the sound of instruments, my love other than a good woman, is a classic guitar. I've been a writer all my life, and finally a classic guitar writer / session player. Just have to love a program like Sibelius, and of course Pro Tools. Childhood prodigy, signed at about 6 and a half to a major, as session player. Had all my recordings stolen from me, other people took the credit, and I was never paid a dime. Began a lifelong journey, my life really, to be a session player. Yet not just a signed session player, a writer/session player. That can read music, yet be a composer/writer. Developed a hand for many years, and what came out is almost identical to segovia's size. Yet my hands are my hands. My nails are strong, and make a very good clean sound. I love clean sound usually, and sometimes I don't, and have new expression markings, that I will be using in the future. Now you can play anything, any instrument, day one, as a child, with proper training. Play what is asked to be played, or make your own, and it flies. Sells all kinds of albums, and no body has a clue who it is that wrote it really. And yes, they're are so many people that would love to meet me, and probably know they never will. It disturbs me a lot of the time. I never play concerts simply because, and a life it is. I've found my love aside from a good woman, classic guitar. I'm my own teacher really, if it's something I want to build to play, I research. Then, sit down, it pours out, all makes sense, and could fly any day. The only advice I could give somebody, is it's all how you feel. You have to have feeling and how you feel should be espressed when you play. Some call me an angelica type, others a genius, they can't teach you that day one in a school. So somebody can show me what they want, then I show them what makes sense to me too, could record both ways anyday, it's always been that way. Where have you people been, sleeping under a rock all these years? Tried to force me into retirement at 29. I just love to play so life goes on. You wouldn't believe the work load I give the industry, for a split second of my time. Weeks Months etc…. follow, me playing for split second. And I own all parts of my productions. From recording, all software too, the rig, instrument, and I write it, and own the score. And it's me writing (hello real world) and I only use educational facts to write, and it seems fiction to some, from a session player viewpoint, to the outside world.

Scores are showing with ties and slurs the vibration of the guitar. This will help in assuring accuracy by means of humidity.