Editions Melodia

Editions Melodia
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Editions Melodia is an independent engraving and publishing company focused on providing high quality scholarly editions of art-music spanning from the ancient to the present. Engraving services are available for any budget.

Score catalogue

Great Crush Collision - Joplin - Solo instrument (Piano)
Maple Leaf Rag - Joplin - Solo instrument (Piano)
Original Rags - Joplin - Solo instrument (Piano)
Please Say You Will - Joplin - Voice + keyboard
Berceuse (Lullaby) - Thalberg - Solo instrument (Piano)
Graziosa - Thalberg - Solo instrument (Piano)
The Last Rose of Summer, Op. 73 - Thalberg - Air Irlandais Varie - Solo instrument (Piano)
Romance and Etude, Op 38 - Thalberg - Solo instrument (Piano)