Everett C. Davis

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United States

I started composing in fourth grade. The only ensemble that I knew about at the time was piano. I was using Cakewalk Audio Pro. It came out in 1999. I couldn't figure out how to get Cakewalk to give me more than one track, or change the instrument. I was fine with that until sixth grade.

When we played our first "wonderful" note in beginning band, I realized that I wanted to write music for concert band. I figured out how to work cakewalk, and started writing band music. My goal ever since fourth grade has been to get performed in some way. Ever since sixth grade, I've tried to create piece that we might play at a school concert. I decided a really good place to start would be with my middle school's colors: White, Purple, and Black.

One time, my band teacher said, "Free music? I'm in!", meaning if someone was willing to give her their music, (if it's good) she would love to have it. For our third concert of eighth grade, which was on may twenty fifth, I was able to have one of my songs performed. The song was named A West Orient Flag, the one about the my school colors which is mentioned above.

Next year I'll be leaving middle school, and moving onto high school. Even so, I'll still continue to compose. I'll be writing a song about my four favorite teachers (one teacher per movement). My middle school band teacher has already agreed to play it.