Genessa West

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United Kingdom

I play the clarinet and the saxophone and am a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I am also a qualified teacher and have taught both instruments for over thirty years. I have extensive experience of arranging music, mainly for my own pupils to play. I have always enjoyed playing clarinet quartets and in clarinet choirs. I have directed many as well. This is probably why most of my arrangements are for one or other of these two ensembles.

From my own lessons I soon learnt that children always want "to play the tune" so in many of my arrangements I share out the melodic interest between the players and no part is merely an accompaniment. These are in the group "Equal Part Quartets". I am now also arranging more traditional quartets where the top part is harder and carries the main melody. These are in the group "Traditional Quartets", but I ensure that each part is interesting and has its share of melodic interest

My Clarinet Choir arrangements have parts for Eb part, four Bbs, alto, bass and contrabass. If you don't have all those instruments, then my clarinet quartets and 4 Bb quartets can be used instead.

I have recently been concentrating on clarinet duets. These can be used by teacher and pupil or for two pupils. I am just beginning to include chord symbols where appropriate.

I hope you enjoy my music. I certainly enjoy arranging them.

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