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Mr graham jeacocke
49 Fernlea Road
south lanarkshire
ML10 6JY
United Kingdom

I started playing the piano when I was in my early 20's as I had no job. And got totally absorbed into reading all music for piano. And it has grown from there. I like to learn from a wide spectrum sometime in an unrelatd field. Though I never use this learning as a way to further my carreer - it would not be fun fo me then. I like reading books or poetry. I like horses and have masses of books on equine topics. I like languages and hope to expand my knowledge and pick up a book without asking the question "er, does this book have a translation?"

I studied applied computing at college and was awarded an HND. Unfortunately the BTech proved too much for me and I was not awarded it.

I love cooking and hope to expand my expertise. I love exercise and Bruce Lee is the only person I have repeatedly looked upto. (even though he is dead)

I have just started growing my fruit and veg garden. I think it's gonna be harder than i thought.

Anyway, chat with you sometime in the future bye for now


P.S You can catch me on or Skype : gjeacocke

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