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Mr. Stevan Massey
Hi Guy Publications

United States

Home of the ONE DOLLAR scores! Enjoy!

Stevan was a bass player back in the disco days. He came upon composing at age 50 more as a challenge than anything else.

Stevan is fortunate that after 5000 poems, 300 musical scores and 500 pop lyrics, he doesn't experience anything remotely akin to "Writer's Block!" So keep writing strong.

Don't hesitate to email and say "Hello!


Score catalogue

I'm On My Way - Large mixed ensemble
Moonlight Piano (solo piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Follow the Bouncing Ball (solo piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)
High Plains Meadow (solo piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Season for Everything (solo piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Featured Soloist (WORSHIP - solo piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Fairfax Violets (solo Rhodes) - Solo instrument (Keyboards)
Requiem for Socialite (solo piano) - Solo instrument (Piano)
Offertory (WORSHIP - solo organ) - Solo instrument (Organ [manuals])
Requiem for Soloist (REVERANCE - solo organ) - Solo instrument (Organ [manuals])
Hey, You Can't Back Out Now! (WEDDING - solo organ) - Solo instrument (Organ [manuals])
Ode to Cello (solo) - Solo instrument (Solo Violoncello)
Ode to Viola (solo) - Solo instrument (Solo Viola)
Ode to Violin (solo) - Solo instrument (Solo Violin)