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Score catalogue

Music for Horn and Strings - String orchestra
Overture - Orchestra
Requiem Aeternam - Large mixed ensemble
Fragment 1 - Orchestra
Fragment 2 - Orchestra
Fragment 3 - String orchestra
Four Violin Duos - Duet of Solo Violins
Entropy for Solo Flute - Solo instrument (Flute)
Sicilian for Violin and Piano - Solo Solo Violin + piano
Cannon for Chamber Group - Large mixed ensemble
BulgarPlod - Quartet of Pianos
Music for Film 1 - Large mixed ensemble
Avant4 - Octet
Contrasts for Harpsichord - Solo instrument (Harpsichord)
Piece 1 for Piano - Solo instrument (Piano)
Little Suite for Keyboards - Solo instrument (Keyboards)
Fugal Invention - Solo instrument (Piano)
Cannonic Invention - Solo instrument (Piano)
Processional for Organ - Solo instrument (Organ [manuals])
FANTASIE for Organ - Solo instrument (Organ [manuals with pedals])
Les neiges d'antan! - Orchestra + solo Solo Violin