Joshua Bachar

Joshua is a composer, musician, and entertainer, and has devoted his life to achieving excellence in the arts. From a very young age Joshua has explored music and performance through an intense desire to reach his goals. His diligence has paid off; Joshua has performed in concert halls and performance venues around the U.S. at venues like Phoenix Symphony Hall and Sedona Performing Arts center. He has won several awards for instrumental performance and continues to astound with his mastery, both emotionally and technically, of voice and instruments.

While performance has always been a passion, Joshua’s focus lies in his composition work. He started writing works on piano at age 7 and was invited by ASU to perform a suite of original piano compositions at Tempe Arts Festival at age 11. At age 15 he began writing his first symphony. He finished it shortly turning 17. Joshua now devotes his time to composing and arranging, using his extensive knowledge of music to realize his ideas and concepts into pieces that capture the mind and heart of listeners. His teachers cite him as a prodigy and Dr. Sy Brandon stated in an interview that “Joshua is one of the most talented students I’ve ever had.”

Joshua is working toward a career in scoring for media and theater. He continues to perform both as a musician and entertainer and also offers classes in music and performance for group and individuals. You can contact him by visiting his website or by visiting him on Facebook or Soundcloud.