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Like most of the composers that publish on this site, I have a technical carreer and earn my money with it, and I make music in the time left. I'm born in 1966. Grown up in Hannover (Germany), where I had private lessons in Recorder, Clarinet and Singing. I have moved to Switzerland in 1989. My first tries in composing date from 1977. There are quite a lot of smaller compositions from the time between 1984 and 1988 which are written in a "contemporary" style. After a rest until the end of my studies in electrical engineering, I decided to start composing in a strictly classical style in 1992. The most radically classical composition from this time is a Serenade for fl,clar,vl,va,vc in D major. My following compositions (chamber music and vocal music a capella) depart subsequently from this base. As a majority of theese works are not yet typeset with Sibelius, it will take some time to publish them on Scorch.