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Hello fellow music addicts!

I'm a software developer from Dresden, Germany. I try to compensate my workaday life with music. I love to listen to every kind of good music. Good music for me should be unique in its rhythm, harmonies, sounds or interpretation. Good music should captivate the listener from the first note on and never let him go until the last.

I write my own music in a mostly contemporary classical style, which is inspired by the great composers from the past as well as from the 20th century (like Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Strawinsky, Bartók, Strauss, Eisler and many more).

I'm looking for artists, who want to interpret my music. I send sheet music for free to anybody in the world, who is interested in performing my music live on stage, in studio, in your music class or anywhere. The only condition I have is, that you record it in any possible way, so I can hear your interpretation.

I hope my music captivates you as it captivates me.

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