Martin Hauber

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german composer, born 1964

Martin Hauber lives and acts near Munich/Bavaria. At the age of 6 years Hauber began his classical education for piano. In his youth he played jazz and classics in Munich bars as well as keyboards in several local rock bands.

Since 1990 he has turned to classical music and has been an autodidact composer for orchestral music on computers up to now. He wrote much instrumental music for piano, organ and harp as well as choral works for SATB.

In 1999, "Die Krabat-Sage", a ballett music according to a traditional legend from East Germany, appeared on CD. Other orchestra works and order arrangements followed for film productions and CD productions. The "Piano Concert No.1" and "Three Miniatures for Piano" (2007) have been dedicated to his son Benjamin.

"It will never unhand me - music is just like a heart that will never stop beating."