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Though music might not be my vocation in life, it is my great passion.

My favorite instruments are the Clarinet and Cello. I also sing tenor in my church choir.

Principal clarinetist, The Apostolic Faith Orchestra, Lagos, Nigeria (1989 - 2002) performing works such as as Mozart's Clarinet Concerto among other pieces in concerts.

While I am for the most part self taught, I had the fortune of learning the basics of composition from Rev. John Aina and Mr Femi Adeola, Principal and Assistant Conductors of the above named Orchestra through practical suggestions and numerous classical scores assigned to me, by them to rearrange for our Orchestra which was a Symphony Orchestra minus the percussion section. I was also privileged to take private lessons with Mr Adekunle, a graduate of Trinity College, London, then the Director of The Musical Society Of Nigeria 'MUSON' School of Music.

At the moment, I am trying to appreciate 'modern' music i.e atonality, serialism and minimalism as well as the importance of silence in music. I don't like composing to strict rules but value their guidance. My philosophy is, if it sounds nice, it is alright. Now, what sounds nice is a matter of opinion.

There are so many composers who's music 'reaches' me. Most of the Classical and the Romantic era masters. However, from Nigeria, Ayo Bankole, Fela Sowande, Fela Ransom Kuti, Lazarus Ekwueme and Godwin Sadoh have been of particular interest as well as many other composers of 'ethnic' music.

I've always had a love for composing original music and am eclectic in my taste.