Pedro Alejandro Sarmiento

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Pedro Alejandro Sarmiento
Carrera 28 # 46 - 21

Composer, musicologist and guitarist of the National University of Colombia. I was studied composition with Blas Emilio Atehortúa. Recently I study Music for Film and TV with Ben Newhouse and Film Scoring with Jack Freeman in Berklee.

My compositions are premiered and played in different countries in Latin America (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and Peru), USA, and Europe (Spain, France and Germany). My music has been played by Symphonic Orchestras, Winds Symphonies, Wind Bands, Camera Groups and Soloist.

In 2017 the Banco de la República elect me for the concert 'Composer Portraits' in honor of my career.

For more information, please visite my web page

Score catalogue

Benkos Biohó - Orchestra
Estudio de multipercusión (Multi-percussion Study) - Percussion ensemble (unpitched)
Huancarama - Solo instrument (Guitarra [notation])
Iguazú - Orchestra
Impromptu español - Solo Flute + piano
Pizarro trío flautas - Trio of Alto Flutes
Sarta breve (Brief Sarta) - Solo instrument (Flute)
Sarta para Arpa (Sarta for Harp) - Solo instrument (Harp)
Sarta para Clarinete (Sarta for Clarinet) - Solo instrument (Clarinet in Bb)
Sarta para Marimba (Sarta for Marimba) - Solo instrument (Marimba [grand staff])
Sarta para Vibráfono (Sarta for Vibraphone) - Solo instrument (Vibraphone)
Sonata No.2 for guitar - Solo instrument (Guitarra [notation])
Sonata para guitarra (Sonate for guitar) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
Tiento para guitarra (Tiento for guitar) - Solo instrument (Acoustic Guitar [notation])
Viento seco - Large mixed ensemble