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United Kingdom

I am a graduate of York University and took post grad. teacher education at Kingston University. I taught trombone and euphonium at Kingston in the late 70s and 80s and later worked for the East Sussex Music Service. I teach piano, keyboards and trombone and play as a freelance trombonist in all styles, and recital and chamber pianist. I currently work mainly on cruise ships, as a trombonist.

My compositions and arrangements for have been made for groups I have been closely involved with, many of them for students, some of them a little off the wall but they all work! To help you find what you re looking for I have grouped them as follows:
Youth / Educational
The 'Fanfare Brass' series is for roughly Grades 1-3 - mostly in 4-5 parts for Tpt, Tpt, Hn (Ten Hn, Tbn), Tbn, Tba (BTbn).
The 'Lewes Brass' arrangements are grade 2-4 for 2 Tpts, 2 Horns (Eb or F), Bar,2 Tbns, (opt B tbn,) Euph, Tuba / Eb Bass.
The 'East Sussex' series are again grade 2-4 but for larger forces: 2 'solo' Tpts (G 4) + 2 (ensemble)Tpts (G 2), 2 Eb Horns + 2 F Horns, Bar, 3 Tbns, Euph, Tba/Eb Bass.
THe 'Festival Series' are Jamboree style arrangements for large mixed ability groups from say G 1- 6 - as long as there are strong players to cover the basic 4 parts everyone can be accommodated!

For Experienced Players
The 'Bandstand' series is for full brass band.
The Quintet series - guess what? - for standard quintet.
The Octet series is basically for trombone octet but with lots of alternative parts to allow use of trumpets and horns and things where it will help.

Thanks you for your interest, please buy, use and enjoy, and send me your feedback!