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I have been engaged in musical programs since I was a young child, starting the learn the piano ("only when I wanted to" according to mum) at around age 8. Since then I saw music as a side study, despite it's obvious educational benifits, reaching a first grade standard, and stopping study through 2007, and in the year 2008 I started to develop a passion and direction for my life. I am currently a grade 6 AMEB student in piano and 5 in Double Bass, I am the principal pianist at school and play double bass for the school orchestra, chamber strings and jazz bands.

I started composing at the surprising age of 9, after wishing to create a theme song for my juvinile book series "The End?!!", and have since recieved top marks at school and duxed music.

My aims are to perform at least one of my compositions with the school orchestra, or solo in concert.

When I aquire recording equipment I may be able to record online solo piano works for composers willing.

I enjoy browsing the site and discovering many beautiful compositions and amazing composers.