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Mr Stuart Hyson
United Kingdom

Born in London, England 1971 I have always had a deep love of music especially piano. I started to study piano in 1983 but had a break from 1986 until 1990 when I met Peter Sander who has been my tutor ever since. I currently teach piano, music theory and composition on a private one to one basis in London.

My early influences have ranged from Scott Joplin and most rag time music to Gershwin (with whom I'm still infatuated). I started to study composition in 1997 have been writing pieces ever since. My newest infuences are Bartok and Shostakovich and some of my pieces are written in these styles. I enjoy listening to all genre of music and find being able to listen to music composed by people young and old from different back grounds quite intoxicating. Hope you enjoy my music and look forward to exchanging points of views with you all.