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Mr Alexander Sloendregt
Brosiweg 43

Born in 1973 in Zurich. He studied piano with Patrizio Mazzola in Bern (CH), band conducting with Franz Schaffner and Joseph Gnos in Lucerne (CH) as well as film composing and orchestral composition with Hermann Schmidt and David Angel (Los Angeles). Various composition orders and first performances at home and abroad. As a member of the most different ensembles tours led him to Germany, Russia, Romania, Mexico among others.

Score catalogue

Ironically Swiss - Orchestra
Swing Concerto - Orchestra
Herinnering - Orchestra
Bamboo 2000 - Concert band / wind band
Three movements for winds - Concert band / wind band
Sunrise - Solo Alto Saxophone + piano
Musik zur Hochzeit - Solo instrument (Bassoon)
Two love-songs - Voice + keyboard