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United States

I have been a professional singer for over 50 years. I live in Elkhart IN, near South Bend.

I have sung in professional choirs all my life. In the twilight of my years (I am age 66) I have been struck with a passion to compose. My choral singing experience and private and independent study has taught me what my idea of good choral music should sound like. Thankfully, modern notation software such as Sibelus, has enabled me to put on paper the musical ideas rattling around in my head. I have uploaded many pieces to SibeliusMusic (now ScoreExchange) and have enjoyed the feedback from other composers.. I frequently consult with with Lee Dengler, who has published many choral pieces over the years. We discuss my work in hopes of creating compositions that will be worthy of performance and publication.

Since there is no system at present to write reviews on ScoreExchange, I would welcome emails with your critiques, evaluations and comments.

I offer most of my music for free in order to eliminate budget restrictions for those who might want to perform it. If it is performed, I would enjoy knowing about it. If you record the performance, I would appreciate hearing it.

I have created a new website dedicated to the distribution of quality choral music FOR FREE from living composers. Check out: Let me know what you think.