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Akademia awards for: - Best Jazz Album (Oct.,14) 'Shadows of Light' with Laurel Moore (lyrics, vocals, sax) - Best Instrumental Jazz Guitar Song (April'15) 'After All Those Years' - Best Ambient Instrumental Song (April'15) 'Just Like an Angel' - Best Latin Instrumental (Aug.'15) 'Smooth Move Samba' - Best Jazz Song (April'16) 'As Time Passes' Poze Production Awards (X-POZE-ING Awards) for: - Best Jazz/Latin Song (Nov.'14) 'Our Second Home' - Best Instrumental Contemporary Song (April'15) 'I'll See You Again My Friend' - Best Jazz Listening Song (April'15) 'Night Life at El Patio' - Best Country Instrumental (Aug.'15) 'Fish 'n Jig' - Best Jazz Song (Aug.'15) 'Smooth Move Samba' - Best Jazz Instrumental (Oct.'15) 'No Use Crying' - Best Jazz Instrumental (Dec.'15) 'Courtyard Cafe' - Best Latin Jazz Instrumental (Feb.'16) 'Sun to Sand' - Best Jazz Instrumental (April'16) 'As Time Passes' - Best Blues Instrumental (July'16) 'Don't Know When' - Best Smooth Jazz (Oct.'16) 'You Call This Love' - Best Easy Listening (Jan.'17) 'Easy Life' - Best Jazz Song (Jan.'17) 'OverLoad' - Best Contemporary Instrumental (May '17) 'Sweet Soul' - Twice #1 Hit Song Awards for 'Another Gray Day' with KMIX Radio and affiliates (Jan.'15) & POWER FM Global Networks (March'15) - #1 Hit Song Awards for 'After All Those Years' with KXRL Radio & station affiliates (Sept.'15) and POWER FM Global Networks (Jan.'16) - #1 Hit Song Award for 'Smooth Move Samba' with KMIX Radio and affiliates (Jan.'16) Winner of an Outstanding Achievement Award with Marquix Global Networks (June'15) for over 1,000,000 syndicated views for the story of the production of the 'Shadows of Light' album with Laurel Moore. - #1 Hit Song Award for 'As Time Passes' with KMIX Radio and affiliates (Aug.'16)

My father had a music business, so needless to say I grew up with music all around me. I started playing piano at the age of five and expanded to other assorted instruments, but the guitar was the instrument I connected with the most. Although I do perform occasionally, writing music is my passion. My music is been played around the world on FM and internet radio, and am signed to several publishers and producers. I hope you enjoy my work and perform it as well.

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