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Cameron Streicher is currently enrolled in a comprehensive music degree program at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. Current studies include private piano instruction with Professor Anya Alexeyev, private composition lessons with Professor Linda Catlin Smith, music theory, skills and history. Cameron plans to continue studies in composition and piano performance/pedagogy in the future, possibly at graduate levels.

He has premiered new Canadian piano solos frequently at the annual Summer Sizzle conventions in both Palmerston and Mount Forest, Ontario in connection with the Canadian National Conservatory of Music. These conventions focus on piano pedagogy and quality, new piano music for Canadian students. This past year at Summer Sizzle, Cameron was honored to be awarded the John Loweth Memorial Scholarship from CNCM and Mayfair Publishing.

Outside of school, Cameron maintains a private piano studio in which students receive instruction in piano performance, music theory and composition. The studio is active in allowing students to participate in local festivals and promoting Canadian piano music for young children.

Cameron has also received private voice instruction from Sandra Tucker in Waterloo. He sings in the Laurier Singers Chamber Choir of WLU, is the director of his Church choir (Zion Mennonite Church Choir) as well as assistant director of the Trinity Mennonite Youth choir with Wendell Glick as director.