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Tara Denniston

Tara has been singing for as long as she can remember, and she started taking daily piano lessons from her mother at four years of age. She switched to French horn when she was twelve and was deeply involved in multiple school bands, orchestras, and choirs throughout her school years, as well as private lessons from several teachers in both horn and voice. She continued immersing herself in music through college, majoring in music performance at Brigham Young University, where she met her husband David (who also plays the French horn - only he's much better at it). Since college she has taught private vocal lessons and has also had the opportunity to conduct several church choirs.

Tara has been composing music ever since she began playing the piano, but she has only recently begun writing it down. Unfortunate health issues forced her to stop singing for a few years, which helped her gain a new appreciation for her talents and has led her to explore other avenues of music, including composing and arranging sacred vocal works for solo voice and choir.

Tara continues to fill her life and her home with music. She lives in Auburn Hills, Michigan with her husband David and daughter Lena.

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