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Elementary music teachers and music specialists, this is for you.

These songs and instrumental pieces are uncomplicated, and intended for use with children in elementary school. Here you will find music for your children's choir, recorder classes, Orff ensembles, and school celebrations.They are intentionally short enough to be accomplished within the limited time you see your students, and each is carefully designed to help you teach the elements of music: pitch, rhythm, form, expression, harmony, timbre, and/or style.

Retired from teaching elementary music, from kids' choirs, recorder classes, piano lessons, and BER seminar tours, I am finally addressing an accumulation of unsorted but not unproven musical pieces that will be of use only to you, the company of music specialists, who bring joy and musical achievement to children at school. This collection of music is for you. Hopefully there will be more posted in time, as the sorting proceeds. Please drop in again soon!

Sally Irene Jones