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Victor is currently updating all his compositions into Sibelius. They are becoming available as we speak. He has produced fifteen albums, available at, one with his group, Darvish, and solo piano albums, one called Evocation. Victor also is bi-dimensional and works as a translator for Tharg the Apoplectic, who is originally from Magnesium, making him a true Mangoid. Mangoids often transit the great dimensional gulf that separates our worlds, viewing earth and especially the English-speaking countries bastions of free speech and unlimited appliances. Many years ago, appliances were worshipped on Magnesium, and the religion became so entrenched, that free worship of appliances was severely restricted, then proscribed. Since then, Earth has been the haven of these Mangoid ex-patriots, who bring with them a devastatingly meager artistic sense. Their poor esthetic choices debilitate most concert and theater patrons. Tharg the Apoplectic is no exception, and his absurd compositions illustrates the ineptitude that prevails to this day.

Score catalogue

Elegy - Solo instrument (Piano)
Hail To Magnesium - Brass choir
Octet - Octet
Shaggy Rag - Solo instrument (Piano)
Smile - Solo instrument (Piano)
String Quartet No. 2 - String quartet
String Quartet No. 3 - String quartet
Tales Told - Shahrazade - Quartet
Waltz - Trio