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Mr. Zachary Scott Morgan
1585 St. Rt. 131
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United States

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was brought up with music from a young age, when my aunt gave me and my brother a Yamaha keyboard for Christmas. Since then, I have fallen in love with music. I participated in the Cincinnati Boy's Choir, took saxaphone lessons from Kevin Towner, took composition lessons from Dr. Ellen Harrison, and took voice lessons from William Seale. I went to school in Milford, Ohio, and my most influential music teachers have been: Mrs. Peggy True, Mrs. Carpenter, Mr. Ronald Levi, Mr. Paul Shrameck, Mrs. Jodi Towner, Mr. Brian Brown, and Ms. Lynn Blake. I thank them all, as well as my wonderful parents and friends who encoraged me. As of now, I am currently earning a degree in music composition and music education at Baldwin-Wallace College. Please contact me for any reason. I love feedback. Thanks