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Beat Suite #1: Desolation Angel

Year of composition
Benjamin Sajo
Difficult (Grades 7+)
7 minutes
Jazz music
Big band
Instrumental parts
Not available

This piece is the first movement of my Beat Suite.

For some reason or another, the music of Bollywood is often played swing rhythm. Desolation Angel started with a desire to write a fusion tune inspired by modern Bollywood soundtracks, as well as an experiment in raw modal harmonies, open fifths, suspensions that are not as common in the standard swing style. I had a dream about some caravan in the middle of the Silk Road with a cargo of beautiful mysterious women, and I wanted to incorporate something along those lines. Then I did some personal research on the female deities of Mesopotamia, namely Ishtar and Inanna, goddesses of fertility whose legends are rife with toying with the hearts of mortals and destroying them, Inanna being known as the "Lady of the stars". But since they never had jazz back then, I've taken all of these Eastern concepts hoping to compose a tune that one might hear in a ritzy nightclub in Beirut or Bombay. Desolation Angel shares the same title as a book by Jack Kerouac, an American author of the 1940s-1950s Beat Generation. He and his fellow school of writers, Alan Ginsberg and William Burroughs and Gregory Corso, all shared a fascination with the East and its exoticism, and searching for enlightenment, either amongst others in the hustle and bustle of a city or, as with Kerouac, in complete solitude as a fire-watch in Washington State. Therefore, it is a companion piece for my other tune, Lotus Blues, where I wrote both tunes in general seclusion in the summer of 09 in Canada's Northwest Territories. Namaste ho!

Into the west as the sun sets Burning the sky hot in your eye. Fiery red hot as it gets. Waiting for the rest of my days the wind takes me far away from Harmonic ways, upon the road, I spend the beat nights without you. Desert trails of sand.

Jaded like the rest you will find as we grow apart Some loves they cannot last long A day a moon of honey kisses of doves.

Goddess made of stone, we were born under your protection, Raw Lips pray to thee for a kiss of crimson rhapsodies For the men of the world.

Once by a lake I was dreaming you had arrived; come to save me. When will you learn I’ll never come back?! Sultans, millionaires and the rest of them golden Majesties pay Diamond cash and our jewels sweet rubies violet and the rest in love. How can I refuse silk so fine, and fountains of perfume, sweet as wine? Gentlemanly talk and fanciful dining?

You can’t understand love like me, not so delicate with Champagne, chandeliers Goodbye, don’t even try! Beauty treats the girl rightly every guy with a smile and sigh Makes merrily by my side, oh goddess high! How kind a Lie! Finding for the rest of my nights the dreams dimming fainter, New days open doors to my life and lovers more! Lovers the more!

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