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Ode à Cassandre (A. Jacques / Ronsard) bilingual

Year of composition
Angel P.Y. Wong
Pierre de Ronsard (1524-1585)
Moderate (Grades 4-6)
2 minutes
Classical music
Voice + guitar
Instrumental parts
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Literal translation (AJ):

1._Darling, let’s go and see if the rose That had opened this morning Its robe of crimson in the sun, Has kept this evening The folds of its purple robe And its complexion to yours alike.

2._Alas! see how in such a short space, Darling, it has over the place Alas! alas! its charms dropped! O truly cruel mother nature! Because such a flower only lasts From the morn to the eve!

3._Thus, if you trust me, darling, While your age still blooms In its greenest novelty, Gather, gather your youth: Like to this flower, old age Will tarnish your beauty.

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