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L’aube naît (D’Erlanger / Victor Hugo)

Darling arise!

Music by Frédéric D’Erlanger (1868-1943)
Year of composition
Victor Hugo (1802-1885)
Easy (Grades 1-3)
1 minute
Classical music
Voice + keyboard
Instrumental parts
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This poem by Victor Hugo, dated 1835, has also been set in music by Charles Gounod, Edouard Lalo, Charles-Marie Widor and me, Alain Jacques. Here D’Erlanger selected only the first two stanzas and dropping the third (Widor selected the 1st and 3rd; Alain Jacques retained the three of them). Translation of the 3 stanzas (AJ):

1. Dawn is breaking, and your door is closed, My darling why slumber? At the hour when the rose wakes up Are you not going to awaken?

Chorus: Oh my charming one Listen here To the lover who sings And also cries!

2. Everything knocks at your blessed door, Dawn says: "I am the day", The bird says: "I am harmony", And my heart says: "I am love!"

3. I adore you as an angel and love you as a woman. God, who by you, has completed me, Has made my love for your soul, And my eyes for your beauty!

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