For: Large mixed ensemble
page one of Delirium

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Year of composition
Moderate (Grades 4-6)
3 minutes
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Delirium mysterious, confusion delusion. Please enjoy.

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Let The Sunshine In, Leftovers, There Are Stars, Last Summer Groove, Lapping of The Sea, Then Came Joy, Lady of Sunshine, Isn't It Lovely, Lady of Silences, Is There a Song in Your Heart, Kirkland Street, Keeping The Faith, Is There A Place For Me, Just in Time, Just For The Occasion, Just Another Hour, The Waves of The Summer Sea, Just Another Day, Inward and Backward Roads, Just, June's Back Road, June Summer Winds, A Love Song For The Night, June Impulse, Into The Summer Night, Joy, The Thrill of Old Times, Into The Summer, Journeys, The Temperature's Rising, Into The Sea Go, Into The Ragged Meadow, Journey in The Sun, Into The Moments of Bliss, The Sunrays, Into The Fall, January Tones, January Spring, Ivory Autumn, It's This Time of Season, The Summer Comes, It's Snowing on Christmas, It's September, Intangible Sensation, The Snow Dance, It's Only Castles in The Clouds, It's Only an August Song, Inquisitive Counterpart, It's Not A Real Serenade, It's Five O'clock, Innuendo, It's Christmas, The Search of The Truth, Initially, It's a Love Song in My Heart, It's a Bizarre World, Infrequently Incredible, Infra Mind, The Sea is Always With You, The River of No-Return, In Troubled Times, In Times Gone By, The Reunion, A Little Bolero, The Quivering Continual Thrilling Rain, The Night, All Anise and Silver, In The Rain, The Moon Kisses, In The Fog, The Midnight Waltz, In The Early of Spring, The Merry-Go-Round Turns, In The Dark Night, In The Afternoon, In The Afternoon, The Mad House Waltz #8, In Shades And Lights, A Flight Through The Night, The Mad House Waltz #7, In Deepest Dark, The Mad House Waltz #6, In April, The Mad House Waltz #4, Your Mind Drifting, Impressions, Younger Than Young, The Mad House Waltz #2, Imagining Spring's Fragrance, The Mad House Waltz #15, Imagining, You Young Sweet Thing, The Mad House Waltz #13, You Got To Let Me Go, Illusions, You Don't Have To Worry About It, Illusion of Time, Yes is a World, Yellow Mountain, If You Repeat Yourself, X Generation, If You Are The One, Wonders, If We Only Have Joy, The Mad House Waltz #11, If I Had A Dream, Winter's Sweetness, The Mad House Waltz #10, Winter's Daydream, I've Been Dreming, Winter's Dance, The Mad House Waltz #1, Winter's City Lights, Winter's Call, Winter's Blossom, Winter Waltz #2, Winter Waltz #1, Winter Time, I'm In Love Again, The Lonesome Waltz #8, The Lonesome Waltz #7, February Rain, Winter Dreams, I'm Here, You are There, I'm Blue, I'll Take You Through The Night, I'll Take Paradise, I'll Open My Heart, I'll Be Like Fresh Fall, I Remember You, I Remember You, I Remember, I Only Wanted This, I Love Only You, I Long for Christmas, I Hear The Wind Is Talking, I Have Found A Way, I Didn't Forget I Just Had To Wait, I Cloud Not My Senses, I Clear Now My Thoughts, I Am You Are, I am The Wind Says The Wind, I Am Lost, I Am Happy, I am a Wind, Winter Dreams, Winter Blues, The Lonesome Waltz #5, Will There Ever Be A Moment, Will Summer Love Come, Hymn, Hot Times, Hoping for Spring, Holly Night - Oh Sweet Light, Hold Me Close, Hip The Beat, Wild Trick, High Hope, Here's to You, Hello Again Spring, Having The Blue Sky, Happy Spring, Happy Days Are Coming, Happiness Will Come, The Lonesome Waltz #4, Wild Habit, The Lonesome Waltz #3, Happiness, Wild Colored Sea, Halcyon, Wide-Open, Whoever You Are, Gusty Summer, Gritty Emotion, Who are You, Who are You, The Lonesome Waltz #23, While Daisies Grow, Where is My Flower, Goodbye August, Good Times, Whenever Dark Is Falling, The Lonesome Waltz #22, When There Comes a Rose in Spring, The Lonesome Waltz #21, Good Luck Mondays, Good Day Summer, Gneiss, The Lonesome Waltz #19, When Life is Quiet With Leaves Closed, When I First Saw You, Glowing, What Lies on The Open Road, The Lonesome Waltz #17, What A Day, What A Beautiful Day, The Lonesome Waltz #15, Welcoming You, Getting Away to a Cloud, Welcomed Lotus Summer, Welcomed Dawn, The Lonesome Waltz #14, Getting Away, Welcome to The Wintry Dark, Wednesday's Rag, Getting Away, We Are Ordinary, We are Making a Musical, Gamblin, Funicula, Frosty Nights, The Lonesome Waltz #13, In Sudan, A Fantasy World, Water, From The Book of Remembrances, The Lonesome Waltz #12, Wasted Peppers, Friday's Rag, Waltz #98, The Lonesome Waltz #11, Friday's Coming, Friday Thoughts, Waltz #74, The Lonesome Waltz #10, The Lonesome Waltz #1, Waltz #7, Purple Recoil, Waltz #65, Waltz #52, Forgotten Melodies, Forget Your Worries, Waltz #33, The Little Star, Waltz #329, Waltz #325, Forever Mundance, Forever is So, Waltz #300, The Little Christmas Phone, Waltz #27, For Your Love, Waltz #260, The Lady Is Awestruck, Waltz #259, Waltz #248, For The Moon and The Stars, Love Me For Love's Sake, Waltz #237, Waltz #235, Waltz #234, Foolish Time, Waltz #230, Foolish Continuance, Waltz #227, The Indigo Waltz, Follow Your Star, Waltz #208, Waltz #203, Flying Time, The Growing Garden, The Golden Raven, Waltz #201, Flying, Waltz #193, The Five Senses Spin, Fly Fly To a Cloud, Waltz #176, Waltz #17, Waltz #168, Flowers in The Attic, The Fire Starts First From Within, Waltz #143, Let The Sunshine In, Flowerbands of Amaranths, Come Bluebird, Waltz #139, Flirtations, The Elephant, Waltz #119, First Snow Stars, The Divine Sea, A Matter of Time, Fingers of Past Run Through, Happy Moments, Finding Ways, Waltz #110, The Divine Factor, Waltz #11, Waltz #108, The Days Are Lost And The Heat..., Waltz #102, Find Some Good, Voyages of Colors, Final Dude, The Country Rose, Fictions Ae Like Reality, Few Tones, Visions From The Ocean, It's From Love Inside, The Closer You Get, Feelings, Violet Skyline, Favorable Spring Tones, Fashion is Art, The Change Of Time, Violet Rhapsody, The Best of Times, Farewell Olympia, Violet Morning, Like Drifting Clouds., Utopia, Fantastic Time, Up There Where Time Travels, Fallen Autumn Leaves, Fall Dance, Unseen Beauty, The Arrival, Unrestrained Dreamer, The Answers Are With Time, Faded Midnights, Unheeded Beauty, Unforgotten Dreams, Exploration, Christmas Tango, Unforgiving Mondays, Tell Me Now, Under The Rainbow, Exotic Times, Tears, Exotic Fable, Uncommonly Uncommon, Tantalizing Season, Unchanged Rainbows, Exotic Canopy, Twisted Tango, Take My Heart As It Is, Twisted Jam, Twilight, Everywhere I Go, SwirlWind, Tuesday's Rag, Everything 's Going My Way, Everybody's Got Longings, Tuesday Song, Sweetest Things To Come, Every Step You Take, Tuesday Dreamer, Every Single Day, Trippy Thang, Trip To The Moon, Sweet Yesterdays, Every Path You Know, Every Dream Has Come of Thought, Trip Down Winter's Lane, Travels, Every Day Needs Another, Sweet Summer Time, Every Day Must be Spring, Blue Water, Sensual Morning, Who Speaks For Earth, Ever and Always, Transformed Seasons, Evenings, Tranquil Nights, Evening Fantasy, Remembered Days, Tone Poem for Summer, Eternal Stars, Sweet Spring, Eternal Return, Together, Suspended Love, To The Unknown Artist, Eternal Paramour, Little Merengue, Eternal Flames, Episodic Dreamer, Entertainingly Captivated, To The Stars, Enjoyable Advance, Surreal Dreams, Surprise in The Summer Sky, Daisies In The Morning, Enhanced, To Rio in February, Engrossing Summer, To My Mother, Enfolding Dawn, Sunday's Rag, To Beach Ladies, Energy, Sunday Rose, Encountering You, Encountering You, Sunday Caper, To All The Faraway Stars, Encountering My Love, Encounter, Time's Passing Now, Enchanted City, Time Never Stops, Sunday Blues, Till We Meet Again, Emerald Skyline, Till The End of Time, Sun Comes New To Bless, Emerald Afternoon, Embrace Each Blossoms Whose Ambrosial Grace, Thursday's Rag, Embedded Visions, Deactivate It, Summer's Tingling Moments, Embedded Summer Thoughts, Thursday In Blue, Perceived Moments, Embedded Stars, Through The Mist of Time, Summer's Backroad, Electrical Dreams, Summer Wind, Easter, Summer Sun, Thoughts of Escape, This Newborn Earth Day, Earthy Tone Poems, This is a Love Song to The Stars, Summer Summer, This and All, Each Understanding, Thinking of Today, Summer Sensation, Each Day's Young Like This, Drifting Horizon, There's Sweet Song in The Air, Drifting Clouds, Summer River, There's All Kinds of Everyhting, Daydreams In Twilight, There's A Rose In Thy Garden, Drift and Touch A Cloud, There's a Reason for Everything, There's a Love Song Awaiting, Cat's Eye, There's A Love Song, There is Nothing More To Say, Dreamy Nebulae, Summer of Sargasso, Dreamy Girls, There is a Rime in Reason, Dreamways, Saturday's Rag, Sandpiper, Sahara Walking, Dreams of Silver Sand, Sad Winds, Sad Sensation, Summer Love Songs Come and Go, Drawn Across a Dawning Sky, Sad in Blue, Sad Happiness, Down Memory Lane, Don't Drive Me Crazy, Don't Ask Me., Running Curves, Divine Road, Divine Detour, Dive for Dreams, Romance Under The Stars, Rocky Trip, Dissenting Springtime, Dissenting Dreams, Roadways, Roads to The Faraway, Rising Dawn, Discovering New Paths, Richly Scattered Mosaic of The Ground, Hooked On My Mood, Discovering Love, Reversed Summer Stars, Discovering, Sly Love, Revealed are The Stars, Day by Day, Return to Winter, Digital Dreams, Dig The Music, Return To The Heart, Angels In The Snow, Return Absurdly Mundane, Detour Detour, Restless, Desideratum, Rendezvous, Summer Hours, Remembered Feelings, Deep Exploration, Remember, My Love, Remember The Days, Days Are Going Nowhere, Original Version, Relieving Tones, Regularly Flowing, Refresh Every Moment, Days After Days, Summer Flames, Red Spring, Summer Days, Daydreams of the Setting Sun, Red Habit, Reckless Without a Clue, Recalling Gloria, Summer Craving, Daydreams for You and Me, Raw Material, Rational Stares, Daydreaming, Day Trips, Rainy Images, Day Trip, Everywhere You Go, Rainy Heart, Summer Comedy, Summer Bloom, Day and Night, Rainy Color, Dark Journeys, Summer Affair, Raindrops, Rainbow River, Open a Moment, Rain, Day After Day, Darling of The Moon, Dark Moon, Dark Innuendo, Dark Imaginations, Dark Days, Dark Counter Time, Dark Blue Sky, Daisy in the Dust, Crystals, Crossing to You, Crazy Trouble, Country Christmas, Continually Exciting, Considering Fun, Come My Babe, Colour My World, Color Shades, Cloud of Silence, Close Beat, Chunky, Christmas Time Oh Christmas Time, Christmas Lights, Christina in Summer Weather, Celestial Beyond, Radical Eyes, Moment's Melody, Celebrating, Strawberries And Blueberries, Quiet Moments, Surrounded, Celebrated Summer Stars, Quiet Blues, Pulses in The Downstream, Pretty Things, Strange Whimsy, Prelude for the Maiden Fair, Strange Sensation, Caught In The Twilight, Cats With Golden Snouts, Strange Castle, Pounding, Cats, All Right Baby Here I Come, Positive Ways, Candy, Cassandra, Dreamin' a While, It Could Be So Very Wonderful, Pointlessly Happy, Casablanca, Carving, Poems Delivery, Carved Summer Heart, Poems Are Opening, Sweet Happy Tunes, Stormy Trails, Please Drive My Car, Still Heavy With Dreams, Careless I Was, Captivating Moments, Pictorial Heart, Pictorial Encounter, Dreams of Your Love, Piccadilly, Perfect Impression, Perceived Moments, Peacock, Candle Light, Paths, Dear Love, Tallywood Forest, Passing Through, Passage to Spring, Cake Eaters, Spring Time, A Dreamy Wish, Paris in Autumn, Out of Order, Earth and Sky, That's All Right, Love Stuff, Give Me More, Rising Sun, Orange Road, Bumpy Road Ahead, Spring Snowdrops, Spring Road, Ophelia, Bump Overdrive, One World One You, One Summer Morning, One For You, Spring Moon, Without You I'm Nowhere, Once There's Summertime, Once More Nearby, On Winter's Road, Little Snow Star, Bramblings, On The Sunny Side, Down on Dream, On the Road to Nairobi, On The Road To Glory, On The Road, On The Rising, Blues For Sandy Cove, On My Way To Cordoba, On My Way, On Margate Sands, Blue Waves, On A Summer Day, Blue Sky Faraway, Spring Dance, Yours Mine and Ours, On a Ride to The High, You and I Together, On a Bird Singing in its Sleep, Blue Paradise, Day and Night, Oh Love, Blue Outcome, Oh It's Christmas, Days Are In And Out, In a Circling Stream, Oh Autumn Forest, Unbreak My Destiny, Occasions, Altered Dreams, Blue Nights, Occasional Voices, Blue Night Dance, Obsession #5, Obsession #3, Poignant Heart, Spellbound, I'll Be Back, Blue Morning Summer, O Life My Little Day, O Happy Christmas Time, Satirical, Blue Love, Now My Heart is Calling to You, Now and Then in Summer, November Secrets, South of Saigon, November Rose, November Coat, We Have Secrets, November Approaches, Blue Dawn Blue Noon, The Unknown Paths, Sonic Feel, Not So Long Ago, Blue as The Sky, Blossom of Dreams, Time, Birght New Sky, No Summer Moonlight, No More Stars on Heaven's High, My Little Other, Summer Comes Sometime Again, Beyond Blue Yonder, Night Time Day Time, Mystery, Night Music, Whatever There Is, Spring Dancing, Night Is My Sister, Somewhere Along The Way, Night Beat, Ride Into The Storm, Let It Rain and Thunder, Winter's Mambo, Nicky, Nickel Silver Spoons, New Year's Time, Sometimes In Summer, Day and Night, Occasions To Remember, New Life Moving On, Bella Air, Christmas For You and Me, Every Road is Open, Give or Take, Because I Love You, More Happy Days, Sometime, Never Ending Afternoons, Something With A Dream In It, Native Summer, Beautiful Summer Things, My Love Is Here For You, Native Memories, Beautiful Spring Sky, Native Cats, Beautiful Balloon, Day is Coming Clear, Mythological Summer, Christmas Time, Mystical Ways, Ballad for Sundown, Mysterious, Backroad to Izzard, My Sweetest Summer Rose, Baby Don't Cry, My Hope Is In You, Winter Blooms, Something Truthful, Elements, Baby Don't Call, Orbites, My Eyes are Opened, Sweet Sweet Time, Musings, Something Somewhere, Baby Blue Eyes, May Daydreams, Music of The Day, Baby Baby, Something From The Heart, Snowflakes, Babe it's You, My Love, In The Darkest, Mu, Away to Spring, Mr Skank Junk, Autumnal Lane, All or Nothing at All, Move Forward, Autumnal Heart, Over Here! Over There!, The Day's Dark and Wintry, Autumn's Coming Close, Morass, Fields and Hills, Something About Jackie, Something, In Mid Air, Autumn Thoughts, Be Be Ah Ah Yeah, Happy Days, We All Want to Win, Autumn Moonlight, Autumn's Tomorrow, Moon Song, Lets Talk and Play That Music, Autumn is Coming, Autumn Encounters, Monumental Runaround, Sojourn in Uganda, Sojourn in Cheyenne, Monday's Rag, Secrets of Portofino, Mist, Winter Dance, Millennium Bug, Sobre s� Mismo, Autumn Days, Autumn Daydream, Autumn Blossoms, As Young as He is Old, As Long As Dreams Are Around, April Romance, April Roads, April Dance, April 1st, Another Tune, Another Summer Road, Another Midnight, Angela, Angel, Anemones, And These Are All For You, An Ear Is An Ear, An Autumn's Tale, An Autumn Song, Amber Tones, Amber Antelope, Always, Altered Statements, Altered Skies, Allusive Season, All What I Hoped For, All Time is Spend, All The Stars, All The Nightly Stars, Memories Of Your Whisper, All The Colors, All or Nothing, All I'm Asking, All Good Gals Go To..., All About London, Aimlessly Through Africa, Aimlessly Exciting, Again and Again, Afternoons, Have A Happy Moment, After Our Sweet Love's Gone, Memories and Moments, Hip Hop Ragtime, Melancholy Night, Wide-Open Wonders, Meetings, Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tomorrow, Wintry's Dreams, May Flowers, Marching Toward Spring, Manic Day, Mama's Little Waltz #9, Small Dream, Tropical, Mama's Little Waltz #8, Flying, Mama's Little Waltz #6, Mama's Little waltz #5, Mama's Little Waltz #4, Sky Of The Unknown, Mama's Little Waltz #3, Mama's Little Waltz #23, Mama's Little Waltz #22, Skippin' a Day, Vision of Adriana, To The Ocean Heart, Mama's Little Waltz #20, Skies of Embers, Mama's Little Waltz #2, Mama's Little Waltz #17, Mama's Little Waltz #15, Mama's Little Waltz #13, Mama's Little Waltz #12, Blue Icy Rivers, Shared Love, Mama's Little Waltz #10, We Will Hold On, Aching For You, Mama's Little Waltz # 14, Accidental Encounters, Magnificent Herald Spring in Darkness, Shared Delights, Give Them Dreams, Magic Moments, Shadow Bird, Abandoned Afternoons, Mad, Narnia, September Morning, Machaut, Lyrics, A Winter's Tale, Luxurious Summer Flowers, September Commune, Blue Nights, Melting Ice, Hello Stop, Over Entwined Sounds, Lucky Time, A Winter Haiku, September, Merry Christmas, Lucky Summer Situation, Bilgola, Have You Seen The Rainbow, A Tune for Wintry Clouds, Dark City, Lover Lead Forth Upon The Tongue Now Speak, Love Songs of The Night, A Tune for Winter, Autumn Dreams, Love Song For You, A Tune For Moonless Nights, Sensualty, These Moments, Love Me For Me, A Touch of Heaven, Considering Freedom, Love is Where You Go, Expeditions, Love is Sweet, Seeking Palermo, The Earth Has Many Keys, Abysmal Ways, I Started A Joke, Winter Blossom, A Thought, Secrets, People Like Us, Looking For My Sugar Bowl, Rock Lullaby, Love's So Blind, A Tale of A Nightingale, Longing for Sundown, Just Another Love Song, Longing For My Love, Secrets, Joyful Moments, Secrets, Long Road to Sahara, Long Before The Day Comes New, Remade Days, Cha Cha Ciao, Inquisitive Night, Lonesome Girl, A Summer Jazz Waltz, Summer Moody, Lonely Sparrow, Something Like This, Secret Rain, Flying, A Summer Dream, Lonely Love Songs, Dreams of Yesternight, Second Waves, Live Sky, Hey You, Yes You, Autumn Remembered, Seasons Say Goodbye, Little Summer Bird, A Song For June's Smile, Tomorrow, Lily has a Rose, Like a Flower, Christmas Songs, Lightning Row, This Morning, It's Spring, Light With a Meaning, Immortal Sins, Light or Shade, Light My Heart, Moira Child, Light In The Ways, Seasonal Poems, Life's a Wonder, There Will Come a Day, Life Is Water, There Is No Point, Season's Alteration, It's Dark Outside, Life is Love, Dive for Dreams, Morning Beauty, I Hear Music, Let There Be Harmony, Saunter to Flagstaff, Heather, Always, Discovering, Understanding, Unbreak My Destiny, Just Another Country Song, He is Doing it Again, Do It Anyway You Like, In Central Park, The Snow is Falling, Brighter Days Will Come, A Day With You, Django in Paris, Iris of The Morning, Rainbows and Nectarines, In Praise, A Lullaby For Winter, Serenade for Sundown, Nights and Days, Comical Chemical, Dreamers of The Cinema and A Leaf of The Earth

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