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Hu lange wilt þu?

How long will you forget me? (Psalm 13)

Year of composition
Moderate (Grades 4-6)
5 minutes
Modern classical music
Instrumental parts
Not available

About the text

The text is an Anglo-Saxon (Old English) translation of Psalm 13 (numbered 12 in some traditions) from an eleventh century psalter (c. 1025–1050).

Original text

hū lange wilt þū, Drihten, mīn forġitan?
hwæðer þū oð minne ende wylle; oððe
hū lange wilt þū ahwyrfan þinne andwlītan fram mē?
hū lange sċeal iċ settan on mīne sāwle þis sorhfulle ġeþeaht
and þis sār æt mīnre heortan? hwæþer iċ ǣlċe dǣġe sċyle?
hū lange sċeal mīn fēond bēon uppāhafen ofer mē?
beseoh tō mē, Drihten, mīn God, and ġehȳr mē.
onlīht mīne ēaġan, þæt hi nǣfre ne slāpan on swylċum dēaðe,
þȳ læs ǣfre mīn fēond cweðe: iċ eom strengra þonne hē.
þā þe me swencað, hȳ fæġniað ġif iċ onstyred bēo,
ac iċ þēah on þīne mildheortnesse ġelȳfe
mīn heorte blissað on þīnre hǣlo,
and iċ singe þam Gode þe mē eall gōd syleð,
and lofie þinne na man þū hēhsta God.

English translation

How long will you forget me, LORD?
Will you [forget me] until my end?
How long will you turn your face away from me?
How long shall I put this sorrowful thought on my soul,
And this pain in my heart? Shall I do it every day?
How long shall my enemy be exalted over me?
Behold me, LORD, my God, and heed me.
Enlighten my eyes, so that I will never sleep in such death.
Lest my enemy ever say, “I am stronger than he.”
Those who trouble me will rejoice if I am moved.
But I have trusted in your mercy.
My heart rejoices in your salvation,
And I shall sing to God, who gives me good things,
And I shall praise your name, God in the Highest!

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