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Mr. Edwin Sung

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United Kingdom

-Age: 21 -Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Greetings. I am Edwin Sung, currently an undergraduate studying mathematics at university.

  • I am keen on posting random videos on Youtube, writing / arranging music (of all sorts)
  • Now am thinking of forming a small ensemble for general performances, and also a small business selling my own music - it's only a plan but I am really keen on starting to sell some quality music. All the scores in this page are free to print!
  • If you would like to make an arrangement from any of my music PLEASE inform me via email - It will be a definite approval from me anyway but it is better that I am told just in case.
  • Also, if you are an orchestra conductor, do feel free to print them out. I will be absolutely grateful if you could videotape or record the performance and post such on YouTube as a future reference for me. Cheers!
  • I'm also happy if you would like a partner to work with regarding arranging and music writing! I always fear that I won't get a job based on computing/maths, so music writing will be my alternative option.

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LATEST WORK: "An Irish Reel for Fiddle performing in pubs"

LATEST ARRANGEMENT: "Auld Lang Syne!" for voice, violin, cello, piano

LATEST DEDICATION: "Thank you Kamile!"

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