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Music is my life. From a young age I learned to play the piano and continue to study even now. I currently teach music and operate my own school, the Stephan Tan School of Music (link below).

I've always loved performing, but when reality set in that I must respect my physical limitations of capability, I turned to composing in earnest. My primary influences are the great masters such as Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Mozart etc. I grew up listening to my mother's LP of various Chopin works. It was one of the few classical music records we had, so I listened to it endlessly. I do, however, greatly admire the work of such contemporary artists as George Winston, Jim Brickman, Yiruma and Enya to name a few.

You will find performances of almost all my original works on my YouTube Channel (link below).

I hope you enjoy performing my works.

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Enjoy recordings of all of my compositions here.
Visit the homepage of my music school. Live in the area? Take some lessons!