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June 2015: Latest Score - New work - CloudScape, for Trombone solo and Brass band.

I`m a melodist. I love a 'good tune'. I believe it`s the melody in a composition which draws the listener back countless times again and again. It becomes part of one`s life and soul, and it tends and nurses one`s emotions throughout one`s whole lifetime.

`Light Music`, as we used to know it, is probably just hanging on in the 21st century by a thread. I want to keep it alive, and by writing tunes, however insignificant they may be, I hope I am contributing to this struggle. This is my quest. I am no symphonist. I constantly hear and shamelessly write, whilst remembering the music I heard on the radio 'in the old days': Eric Coates; Robert Farnon, Leroy Anderson, and many more. I have been known to venture into unknown areas once or twice though - this is me . . . .

In this music publishing site you will find 101 compositions and arrangements of works where copyright has expired. Many are free providing you use them only for your own personal and group ensemble. You may NOT give or sell copies to any other party. You may give other interested parties my web site address, to enable them to download their own copies, and this then enables me to monitor how many individuals or groups have participated in this download. You play fair, and I will. I don`t wish to withdraw access to them. On the other hand I can refuse you permission to perform them if I so choose. They are all registered with PRS/MCPS (UK) and are subject to performance declaration by your venue or concert hall, for the appropriate royalty distribution to be applied. If in doubt, you may contact me at: My sincere thanks.

Born in Lancashire U.K, and taking up the piano & clarinet, Tony gained performing and teaching diplomas for clarinet at the Royal, and London Colleges of Music. Further study in composition and orchestration with Gordon Reynolds of the Chapel Royal, Hampton Court, and Leon Young of Tonbridge Parish Church & London`s 'Tin Pan Alley'!

Compositions have brought awards in 1996 and 1997 from the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Gt Britain. Commissions in 2005 from Ben Redwine, principal Eb Clarinet, US Naval Academy Band. 'Hauntings', his sonatina for clarinet and piano, was one of three test pieces performed for an international internet clarinet performance competition, and a CD is now available at Clarinet Classics, recorded by Leslie Craven, Principal Clarinet, Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera.

Arrangements have brought awards from the B.B.C./Musicians Union competitions for the B.B.C. Concert Orchestra. Preparing and adapting arrangements for the Filmharmonic series of concerts with the London Symphony Orchestra and John Williams, John Scott, Ron Goodwin. A Hyperion CD arr. of Gershwin`s Promenade by BBC Symphony SO and The Nash Ensemble`s principal clarinettist Richard Hosford is released in June 2015. Tony`s arrangements of Carols, recorded by the Brighouse and Rastrick Band is a favourite during the Christmas season.

Trained at Beaconsfield in music to picture techniques leading to incidental music for TV drama: Reilly Ace of Spies; Poirot; Peak Practice; Animal Park; Ren and Stimpy; Ramsay`s Kitchen Nightmares; The One Show. Other media music for the Carlin Recorded Music Library brought one of the first identity logos for Channel Four TV (U.K.) - all of 4 or so seconds!

From Lancashire`s tall, industrial, smokey chimneys, and London`s stressful music business era at EMI, preparing Queen, Adam Ant, Kate Bush and even the Sex Pistols for print before the era of computer notation, I continue to compose and arrange, also now enjoying the Surrey foliage, tits and wagtails, who insist on interrupting my woodwind teaching from time to time.

From North America to North Korea, via Germany, France, Spain and Australia Tony`s music has certainly circumnavigated the globe, hopefully bringing some pleasure to those who play and listen to it.

Hear music using either the Scorch `play` button immediately above the score, or the MP3 file, which is further up, just underneath the listed instrumentation. Scorch produces inferior audio. The MP3 gives a finer and balanced quality of audio.

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC LISTED BELOW, but published elsewhere, may be acquired by contacting AW Music.

`Task Force` - The Battle For The Falklands' Comp. Wakefield. (Pub. Studio Music) Concert March for Wind Band: the opening and closing titles to the I.T.N./Granada Video Newsreel Production 1982. New edition for 2011/12.

Kehaar`s Theme - from the film Watership Down (Comp. Angela Morley - arr. Wakefield) Alto Saxophone Solo with Concert Wind Band. Please apply to me for score & parts.

Serenade to a Mandarin, (Comp. Leon Young - arr. Wakefield) Concert Wind Band. Please apply to me for score & parts.

'Rag Doll' (Comp. Nacio Herb Brown - arr. Wakefield) Clarinet Choir.

`The Dicky Bird Hop` (L. Sarony, R. Gourley Arr. Wakefield) Clarinet Choir.

`Sleigh Ride` (Comp. Leroy Anderson - arr. Wakefield) String Orchestra.

Jazz Orchestra arrangements - 8 Brass/5 Saxes/4 Rhythm:-

Bohemian Rhapsody (F.Mercury) - central section swung - no ad lib jazz.

Some Other Autumn (Tony Coe) - as above plus 1 Clarinet soloist (no ad lib jazz).

Alfie (Bacharach).

Live And Let Die (McCartney).

Emily (Mandel) - (in 4).

VOCAL/CHOIR MUSIC LISTED BELOW, & published elsewhere, may be acquired at AW Music.

Circle as sung by Barbra Streisand, for Solo Voice, SATB/Piano. Key G & Ab. Please apply to me for score & parts.

Melodie de Paris from `Phantom` by Yeston & Kopit: SATB/Piano. Please apply to me for score & parts.

Come Fly with Frank Sinatra Medley of 4 songs: SATB/Piano. To include Come Fly with Me; All, Or Nothing at All; Come Dance with Me; The Coffee Song. Please apply to me for score & parts.

Scroll down now to my scores, to view and listen.

N.B. Scoreexchange`s recent introduction of SeView as an alternative to Scorch does not seem to work for title pages not designed in Sibelius. They are laid out properly in Scorch, which is the recommended way for printing title pages.

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