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General help

  1. About
  2. Score Exchange seView - The easiest way to view music online
  3. Sibelius Scorch - The web browser plug-in to view, play and print music
  4. Copyright issues
  5. Reviews on Score Exchange


  1. How to sell your sheet music on Score Exchange
  2. How to advertise on Score Exchange
  3. Inspiration for arrangers
  4. Get more from your scores

FAQs for buyers

  1. Searching and finding music
  2. Purchasing music
  3. Downloading and printing music
  4. Problems with printing when using Scorch
  5. Score Exchange Credits

FAQs for sellers

  1. How the Score Exchange selling process works
  2. Uploading your music
  3. Categorising your music
  4. Selling your music
  5. Linking to your music on Score Exchange
  6. The funds in your Score Exchange seller account
  7. Platinum Publishers
  8. The import export function for score data
  9. The Score Exchange Reseller Network
  10. Help for publishers who previously used
  11. Notable copyright issues
  12. Changes to Score Exchange that could affect you as a seller

FAQs for advertisers

  1. About advertising on Score Exchange
  2. Creating and editing campaigns
  3. Costs of advertising Score Exchange