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Sell sheet music online at Score Exchange - Key features for sellers

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Make money selling your compositions and arrangements

Score Exchange is an innovative platform, allowing composers and arrangers to quickly monetise their work. If you create arrangements, or new compositions or you run a publishing company there's a good chance that someone else will want to use your music.

After your music has been purchased, Score Exchange uses PayPal to send your money to you each month.

You don't pay anything for:

  • Signing up as a seller
  • Uploading and publishing your music
  • Selling your music
  • Receive your money when your music is purchased

So how does Score Exchange stay in business?

When your music is purchased, the actual process is this:

  1. Score exchange buys the music from you at a discount
  2. Score Exchange sells the music to the customer at the price that you set
The discount level varies from 55% - 25%. The more music you sell, the more money you receive - learn more in the FAQ

All sellers welcome!

Unlike some traditional music publishers, Score Exchange welcomes all publishers, composers and arrangers. There's no editorial bar to pass - everyone is welcome.

Scores and Instrumental parts

Score Exchange understands musicians - players need parts.

Score Exchange easily handles instrumental parts for your scores. You can provide as many parts as you need for each of your scores.

Online sheet music preview

Score Exchange automatically displays your music to visitors before they make a purchase, using a preview image for each page, with an optional watermark. The system we use works in all modern web browser without any additional software.

You can also add an MP3 file to accompany your music so visitors can listen too.

Your own profile page

Every seller on Score Exchange gets their own profile page.

  • Configure and display your score catalogue
  • Profile information about you as a publisher
  • Add web links and a photo

Use Sibelius?

If you prepare your music using Sibelius, publishing to Score Exchange is very simple. Score Exchange will automatically process your scores by extracting relevant information and instrumental parts. Sibelius even has a built-in 'publish on Score Exchange function'

Sibelius files uploaded to Score Exchange are automatically processed to enable buyers to tranpose the music that they purchase.

If you don't use Sibelius, that's OK too - just upload your sheet music to Score Exchange in PDF format.

You're in complete control

Using the options in your Score Exchange account, you control everything about your music, including:

  • Score details such as the title and description, genre, instrumentation etc
  • Security options including the watermark and PDF download options
  • Pricing, including seperate prices for:
    • Scores
    • Instrumental parts
    • A full set of parts
    • Score with a set of parts

Additionally, you retain the copyright to all the work you publish on Score Exchange and you don't have to agree to any exclusive contracts.

Get reviews of your work

Online shoppers trust reviews - Score Exchange allows customers to review your music.

Good reviews of your music will help to:

  • Engage new customers
  • Build loyalty from your existing customers
  • Boost the amount of money that you make from your work

You can publicly respond to your reviews, to further engage with your customers.

All reviews on Score Exchange are moderated, to ensure that only genuine reviews are published.

Advanced editing features

All sellers on Score Exchange have access to advanced editing functions, including:

  • Bulk score upload tool, to add multiple scores and parts at once
  • Score data import / export to easily make bulk edits using your favourite spreadsheet application

Exposure to millions of potential customers from every country

  • Score Exchange has customers in well over 100 countries around the world
  • Anyone in any country can buy your music

Join one of the leading sheet music selling communities

Score Exchange might be the oldest online sheet music market in the world where anyone can sell their music as an instant download. is the successor to and launched in 2011.

There are currently over 300,000 scores, plus their parts available on the site, and the total is rising every day.

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