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All scores in the 'sheet music for brass band' category


Brass bands come in various different line-ups, and the term can mean different things, depending on where you are in the world. They are popular in both military and civilian life, throughout the US, UK, Europe and a variety of Latin American countries.

Generally speaking, they can be sorted into two categories – military and traditional, although both will perform from brass band sheet music, with alternate arrangements.

Military bands are where most brass marching bands have their roots, as the idea of having musicians accompanying troops marching into battle can be dated back as early as the 11th century. The music is performed at a steady tempo, in order to easily facilitate marching, and they will usually perform in the relevant colours or uniform of their organisation, sometimes with props like flags, rifles or sabres. This is especially true in the US, where military bands can also be associated with high schools and universities. Military bands are also present in many divisions of the British armed forces, as well as in the bands of the Royal British Legion.

Military bands will occasionally perform in competitions, being judged on many aspects of their performances and travelling around the world to compete. They will often perform music that is traditionally associated with the organisation they are from.

Traditional brass bands (or show bands) can be slightly different in instrumentation to military bands, and their focus shifts from routine, to the entertainment of the crowd. Carnival bands in the UK are a prime example of this, performing more elaborate shows and even reciting arrangements of popular songs and film themes, though still utilising British brass band sheet music. Some traditional marching bands in the UK will recite hymns, or marches while on parades or other celebrations.

In the US, traditional style brass bands will often be seen performing highly choreographed routines on football fields, usually accompanied by a twirler or dancer line. Marching bands were once common during the world famous Superbowl half-time show, but have long since been replaced by high profile rock and pop recording artists. Scramble or “scatter” bands also exist in the US, that do not always keep time with the music and often incorporate comedic themes into their routines.

Brass bands also feature prominently in the parades and traditions of New Orleans, where brass bands have taken part in the Mardi Gras celebrations since the late 19th or early 20th centuries. They usually play a fusion of European style military and African folk music, later adding in elements of funk and even hip-hop. provides the ability to find all manner of Brass band sheet music PDFs, as well as brass band marches sheet music. Simply search the title of the piece you are looking for, or browse the featured scores. It’s also possible to look at the most popular sales for some inspiration on different and exciting sheet music arrangements for brass bands and marching bands, based over the last 6 weeks, or of all time.