Here is a small selection of the music in the string orchestra category. From arrangements of pop songs to classical chamber music you'll find everything you need for any sort of concert or event to download as a PDF file or print. Browse all scores in the string orchestra category where you can refine by price, instrument, genre and many other options.

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All scores in the 'sheet music for string orchestra' category


Arranging for a string orchestra is not an easy task. While not as large as full symphony orchestras, they can still contain anywhere between 12 to 21 musicians, possibly more. This means that writing out completely new arrangements from scratch can be particularly time consuming. As such, it might be best to work from some string orchestra sheet music - if only to use as a template, when not working on original compositions.

Whether you are looking for traditional classical pieces or other sheet music, you are guaranteed find what you're looking for on Score Exchange. With hundreds of scores available, simply search for the piece you are looking for by name, or browse through the string ensemble sheet music, with the option to look at the most popular pieces (by sales, prints, recent uploads or by views).

You can browse through the various pieces of string orchestra sheet music that are currently available, such as "Vivaldi Concerto", "Minuet in G" by Bach, "Adagio for Strings" or "Valse Sentimentale" by Tchaikovsky. Once selected, you'll then receive your string orchestra sheet music download and can begin working on it straight away, either by printing it out or loading your string orchestra sheet music PDF on to a tablet, via the various apps available. You can also view previews of the arrangements online.

As the name implies, a string orchestra is similar to a full symphony orchestra, but only incorporates the string section, without the percussion and brass/woodwind. In its smaller line up of 12 musicians, it will typically consist of 4 first violins, 3 second violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos and 1 bass. In its larger form of 21 musicians, it will be made up of 6 first violins, 5 second violins, 4 violas, 4 cellos and 2 double basses. Although they will usually still have a concertmaster or music director, smaller ensembles may occasionally perform without a conductor.

Many popular composers like Mozart and Haydn have either written works specifically for string orchestra, or have popular works that can be adapted, such as those for string quartet or string quintet.

While traditional classical recitals continue to be popular, In a more modern context, string orchestras have been paired with other acts (like the rock band line up of electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and synthesisers) to perform more diverse works, like rock, dance or electronic music. By rearranging the likes of Daft Punk, Faithless and Avicci, string orchestras can now appeal to a younger and more diverse audience. They have also been known to perform TV themes, as well as songs from popular films like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the Lord Of The Rings or Jurassic Park, or the mixed/combined scores from popular composers like Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore or John Williams.