Here is a small selection of the music in the wedding category. From classical favourites or bridal marches for the ceremony to modern wedding hits for evening party you'll find all the perfect versions of wedding sheet music you need! All ready to download as a PDF file or print right away. Browse all scores in the wedding category where you can refine by price, instrument, genre and many other options.

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All scores in the 'wedding sheet music' category


Choosing the music for a marriage ceremony is arguably the most important musical decision of a persons life. Not only is it important for the songs to convey the personality of the bride and groom but should also be suitable for a wide ranging audience. Wedding crowds are notoriously broad in terms of guests age, it's common to have babies and young children right up to the very elderly. Picking repertoire that will please all of your guests is an art!

It's important to try to find the perfect wedding version of your chosen song. Sometimes an arrangement of a song can be very long or have an extended introduction so it's a good idea to check your chosen arrangement carefully before downloading or printing the sheet music.Try to time the event to which you are setting the music so you have a rough idea of how long it needs to be.

A popular choice on Score Exchange is Highland wedding sheet music. Scotland and The Highlands in particular have been synonymous with weddings for generations and a traditional Scottish bagpiper is one of the most requested musicians to perform at a wedding by brides and grooms (according to a leading entertainment agency).

Marches are another popular selection for weddings. Bridal marches (and others) are used worldwide in numerous cultures for processions and other parts of the wedding ceremony. You'll find a wide selection of marches perfect wedding arrangements of all your favourite songs on Score Exchange.

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