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Scores with the most in this category over

Solo instrument (Organ [manuals with pedals])
Price: $4.95
Duet of Alto Saxophones
Price: $1.50
by Tchaikovsky - arr. John Maul
Solo instrument (Piano)
Price: $1.50
by Scott Joplin - arr. Daniel Schertle
Solo instrument (Piano)
Price: $1.80

Scores with the most in this category over

by Traditional Arr. Scot Ranney - arr. Scot Ranney
Solo instrument (Piano)
Price: $3.95
by Ludwig Van Beethoven - arr. Juan Manuel Henao Marquez
Solo instrument (Solo)
Price: $2.95
by George Gershwin Arr. Fiona Hickie - arr. Fiona Hickie
Solo Clarinet in Bb + piano
Price: $10.00
Duet of Solo Violoncellos
Price: $3.99
by Fats Waller - arr. Theresa Britt
Solo instrument (Voice)
Price: $1.50