How do i sell a licence or digital product via seller messages?

As a seller on Score Exchange, you can sell licences or digital products directly from Your Messages. What is a digital product? A digital a product can be a Sibelius file / PDF (e.g. sheet music), MP3...

What we offer publishers

Become a publisher and share your music with the worldSubmit your music (in PDF or Sibelius format) to Score Exchange and set the selling price. When your music is purchased, you will receive at least 45% of...

How do I publish / sell my music on Score Exchange?

Firstly, you need to create a seller account – click on My account and then enter your email address in the New Users, Please Register Here box and click on Register. This takes you to the...

Are there any fees for selling my music?

No, there are no fees to pay unless you choose to upgrade your account to become a Platinum Publisher. As a standard seller on Score Exchange, you can upload and publicise all your music at no cost. When a...

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