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by A.Piazolla arr. M. Troshin - arr. Mikhail Troshin
Concert band / wind band
by NEWMAN WOLSEY Arr. EDRICH SIEBERT Typesetter: Robert Thompson
Brass band
Solo Solo Violin + piano
by Franz Xaver Gruber
Choir + orchestra
String quartet
by Satz u.Arr.Rudolf Bodingbauer - arr. Rudolf Bodingbauer
Quartet of Contrabass (Tubax) Saxophones
Quartet of Baritone Saxophones
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1793) - arr. Peter Solomon Gross
Solo Baritone Saxophone + piano
by G.P. Telemann Arr. by David P. Brown - arr. David Brown
Solo Baritone Saxophone + piano
by Claudio Macchi. Arr :- Johnny Jones. - arr. Jan Smith
Quartet of Baritone Saxophones

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