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About advertising on Score Exchange

Where can I advertise on Score Exchange?

You can place adverts on the Score Exchange home page and each of the category pages (e.g. Music by genre > Jazz music) on the site.

Adverts appear at the right of the page under the 'sponsors' heading. This position is generally above the fold for most screen sizes, so it is very prominent.

Why should I advertise on Score Exchange?

You should advertise on Score Exchange if you want to sell or promote a product or service to our highly targeted audience.

  • Score Exchange is a popular website - In 2017 there were over five million page views.
  • Advertising on Score Exchange is great value - advertise from as little as $1.50 per month for a 12 month campaign.
  • Score Exchange has a highly targeted audience. Visitors to Score Exchange are generally musicians looking to buy sheet music.

Who will see my adverts?

Visitors to Score Exchange who will see your adverts are usually:

  • Individuals who are looking for sheet music - this often includes amateur musicians who play music for their own enjoyment or in their local area
  • Musical directors from larger organisations looking for new and interesting work for their group to perform
  • Educators who purchase sheet music for use in schools
  • Composers and arrangers who use Score Exchange to promote and sell their work

You can restrict your ad campaign geographically. e.g. if you're advertising a product or service that is only available in France, then you can prevent your ad being seen by visitors from other countries. There are no cost implications to this, the function is provided simply to prevent your ads being shown to visitors who will not be interested.

What size and format of adverts can I use?

As you will have noticed, Score Exchange is a responsive and fluid website that always uses the maximum screen space available in your browser.

This brings some interesting challenges for advertisers because the advertising space is not a fixed size - the actual display size of the 'sponsors' section on each page depends completely on the size of the visitors web browser. Large screens have a larger advertising space than small screens. You can see this for yourself by dragging your web browser window to change it's width.

As there is no fixed size, Score Exchange provides an innovative system for creating dynamic, responsive adverts that will automatically scale and fit to the visitors screen. This is much more advanced than simply scaling a fixed image.

That said, there are some basic size considerations:

  • There are two sizes of advert available. Small ads are displayed with a height between 150 and 165 pixels. Large ads are roughly twice the size, displayed with a height between 315 and 345 pixels *
  • The smallest width of the advert space is 190px *. This situation occurs when the navigation menu is 'open' on the left of the page and the window size is just large enough to prevent the menu being displayed as an overlay on top of the main page content.
  • There is no maximum width of the ad space, but it's unlikely to be larger than 700px *

You can experiment with adverts as much as you like before making any financial commitment, using the My adverts page in your Score Exchange account. You can set up as many adverts as you like before choosing which one to use in your campaign.

* When creating graphics to use in your adverts remember that many visitors to Score Exchange have high resolution 'retina' screens, which means that you should create images with at least twice the 'normal' resolution.

What if the category I want to advertise in is already full?

Currently there is no limit to the number of advertisers in each category. Adverts are displayed in equal rotation, so each advert on the same page will receive the same amount of impressions.