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Changes to Score Exchange that could affect you as a seller

6th May 2020 - VAT changes

For buyers and sellers in Europe: Score Exchange has been updated to take account of the reduced rate of VAT that some EU countries apply to sales of some digital publications such as sheet music. For example, in the UK the applicable rate of VAT is now 0% for these types of purchases.

As you probably know, the applicable rate of VAT is determined by the location of the customer for each sale. This means that French customers pay French VAT, German customers pay German VAT etc.

This change only affects sales of digital sheet music from Score Exchange, so purchases of other products and services, such as adverts or subscriptions will still attract the standard rate of VAT.

For customers outside of Europe there is no change, becuase VAT still does not apply.

12th July 2018 - Search improvements

The keyword search function has been improved to provide more accurate and relevant results, especially for search keywords that include punctuation such as apostrophes ('). This change should help visitors to find more of the music they are looking for.

28th March 2018 - New licensing options for your works on Score Exchange

Following requests from many publishers, we have introduced new licensing options for your scores on Score Exchange. Visit your My scores page to edit the details for your scores.

The biggest change is that you can now specify that customers should purchase multiple copies of your scores and parts if they need to producte more than one copy. e.g. your might want a choir to purchase one copy for each singer.

If you do nothing, the the default license will not change. i.e. customers are allowed to print as many copies of their purchase as they require.

The license that is granted to customers is also explained more clearly both before making a purchase, and after. You will see the details displayed below the on-screen preview of all your scores on the site.

21st February 2018 - Advertising on Score Exchange

Advertising on Score Exchange is now available. You can sponsor any category page or the home page or any combination of pages, by placing an advert for your product or service. Your My account pages has a new section for managing your advertising options.

Other changes in this update:

  • My account page has been updated, to make it easier to navigate.
  • Your My Scores page now has the option to download your original file for each score.

21rd November 2017 - Improvements to the 'preview' watermark

You can now configure the darkness of the preview watermark displayed on your music on Score Exchange. The setting is accessed from your My Account page. It's located in the 'Options for your seller account' section of the page.

This new option applies to all of your scores at the same time, making it easy to change the way that your scores are displayed.

23rd October 2017 - No more minimum pricing

You can now choose any price when selling your scores and parts. Previously the minimum price for each item was $1.50 USD.

We are able to make this change because Score Exchange credits are now available. For sales where the total payment is less than $1.50 USD the only payment method that can be used is Score Exchange credits. For payments of $1.50 or more, buyers can still use their debit/credit card or PayPal account to make the payment. The costs in processing these payment methods make them unviable for small amounts.

Combined with the new options to sell scores and parts as sets, this really opens up the selling possibilities.

23rd October 2017 - New pricing options available for scores and parts

New options are available for selling your music. You can now choose to sell a score and its parts as a set with a different price to buying them individually.

You can also choose to only sell the parts as a complete set and to require buyers to purchase the parts with the score. This opens up many new selling possibilities.

The new options are found on the 'selling' tab when editing any of your scores.

24th July 2017 - New social sharing options are now available

Score Exchange now has a variety of social sharing options available for scores parts profiles and other pages. We have updated all the pages on the site to make sure that they will include relevant titles, descriptions and images when they are shared.

These sharing options will allow visitors to spread the word about their favourite content on Score Exchange. However they also provide an easy way for you to promote your own work across various social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter. You're the expert when it comes to your music, so make sure you tell the world about it!

10th July 2017 - Every page on Score Exchange now uses https

As of today, every page (not just some pages) on Score Exchange is fully https. This means that the entire site is protected by full encryption. We're also pleased to have gained an 'A' rating from

You shouldn't notice any difference in the operation of the site and any links you have created anywhere on the web pointing to an old http url will simply be redirected to the new https version of the same page. If you do have links e.g. on your own website to an older http page, then you might want to update them. Avoiding the redirect will make sure that visitors get to the right place as fast as possible.

Why have we done this? There's many reasons to consider making a website use https, but not least is that Google recommends it. If this change means that your music is found more easily by people searching the internet then that must be a good thing!

7th July 2017 - My Scores page gets pagination and filter function

For sometime, we have been aware that the My Scores page has been slow to load for sellers with a large amount of scores. The performance of this page has now been improved by adding server-side pagination. This means that the amount of data that is transferred to your web browser is reduced so the page will load and operate much more quickly when lots of scores are present.

At the same time, there is now a filter function for the page, which makes it much easier to find a particular score. Anything entered into the new filter field, will be used to match against the score titles refining the list of scores displayed.

7th July 2017 - Additional columns available for the My Scores page

Score Exchange sellers can now choose to show additional columns on the My Scores page. For each score, the composer's name and the subtitle are now available.

You can choose to see these extra columns by using the 'Customise' button near the top of the page.

4th July 2017 - New data import / bulk edit / bulk PDF upload function

This is a new and advanced function that allows sellers to make bulk edits to their content on Score Exchange. Publishers who are just getting started on Score Exchange can also quickly upload a large catalogue of music using a CSV data file and a zip file of PDF files.

The new options available are quite complex, so we have a whole new FAQ section dedicated to data import / export, along with updated help for using the bulk upload function.

22th June 2017 - New 'Mp3' & 'SKU' columns available on the My Scores page

Following requests from multiple Score Exchange sellers, there are now two new options for your My Scores page:

  • You can now choose to display an Mp3 column on your My Scores page. This column makes it easy to identify which of your scores have an Mp3 file and which do not. You can choose which columns are displayed by customising the My Scores page.
  • There is a new 'SKU' field while editing the details of a score. This is for you to record your own reference code for each score. Some sellers would prefer to use their own reference instead of the 'score id' that Score Exchange assigns to each score. The new SKU field can also be displayed on the My Scores page by customising the columns.

20th June 2017 - New responsive website design

Score Exchange underwent a major update. The whole site has been redesigned with a fresh new look. The new design is a responsive design so that it works well on large and small screens such as mobile devices and modern desktop computers including those with 'retina' screens.

The new design was available for sellers to try out for a few weeks before it was made available to all visitors - after receiving very positive feedback the old design was retired on June 20th.

The new design did not attempt to incorporate new functions and features, but sellers should be aware of the following changes:

  • Photographs are now cropped as appropriate depending on the screen size in use. This means that your photo might be displayed in landscape or portrait formats. While you are editing your photo on your profile page, there are some new options to help make sure that your photo looks its best on all screens.
  • There is no longer a restriction on the resolution of the photographs that you can upload. We now recommend that you should provide a photo of at least 800px on the longest side. Score Exchange will automatically scale the photo to be appropriate to the visitor's screen size, but will never change the aspect ratio.
  • You can now choose how your would like your name to be displayed. If you have set an organisation name in your profile, then you might like to be known by the name of your organisation rather than your own name. This option is located on the edit my account page.