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How the Score Exchange selling process works

What we offer publishers

  • Become a publisher and share your music with the world
    Submit your music (in PDF or Sibelius format) to Score Exchange and set the selling price. When your music is purchased, you will receive at least 45% of the sale price when your music is sold directly on Score Exchange.

  • Score Exchange Reseller Network
    Music on can be optionally, automatically made available via our Reseller Network reaching many more potential customers than Score Exchange alone. There are no fees for using the Reseller Network and you will receive at least 30% of the sale price for sales generated this way.

  • No Up-front fees.
    There are no up-front fees or charges to sell your music making the process simpler and less stressful.

  • Non-exclusive agreement
    Our non-exclusive publishing agreement allows you to offer your music via anyone else you want as well as on Score Exchange, and you can terminate at any time. We give you the tools to promote and sell your music, but you retain total control and copyright.

  • Get your own profile page on
    Instantly create a free members profile page containing your biography, photo, contact details, links to your favourite web sites, as well as links to all your music on Score Exchange.

  • Option to upgrade to a Platinum Publisher account
    Being a platinum publisher on Score Exchange gets more exposure for your music. It will be seen by more people and should produce a higher level of sales.

How do I publish / sell my music on Score Exchange?

Firstly, you need to create a seller account – click on My account and then enter your email address in the New Users, Please Register Here box and click on Register. This takes you to the Registration page where you should complete the Sign in Details and the Contact details. This will create a Buyer account which can easily be upgraded to a Seller account from the next page.

Once you have a Seller account, you can upload scores from the My scores page. If you are uploading Sibelius files, Score Exchange can automatically extract instrumental parts (using the Dynamic Parts that you have configured where possible) and as much other information as possible from your score. Once the process is complete you can review and edit any of the information about your score.

Are there any fees for selling my music?

No, there are no fees to pay unless you choose to upgrade your account to become a Platinum Publisher. As a standard seller on Score Exchange, you can upload and publicise all your music at no cost.

When a visitor to Score Exchange buys any of your music, Score Exchange simultaneously agrees to buy the music from you at a discount from the selling price that you specified when you added the music to Score Exchange.