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Linking to your music on Score Exchange

Can I put links on another website to my music on Score Exchange?


We absolutely encourage you to link to your music from as many places as possible on the Internet. The more visitors that you can send to your music the more sales you will make.

How do I make a link directly to a specific score?

Each of your scores on Score Exchange gets a unique id number. This number will never change, even if you upload a new version of the score. Although if you completely delete the old score and create a new one rather then using the 'replace score option' then a new id number will be assigned. You can see the id number for each of your scores listed on your My Scores page.

Once you know the correct id number, then you can use it to make the url for your score. The url format is always:

e.g. If your score id is 97605, then the url directly to your score is:

In general we would always recommend using the title of the score as the text to click, like this: Here's a link to the Score Exchange printing test.

How do I make link to my scores in the Score Exchange search system?

If you're directing people to a specific score then we recommend that you link directly to the score instead of using the search function. Only link to the search function if you want to link to multiple scores at the same time.

The easiest way to generate a search link to Score Exchange, is to manually perform the search that you want to replicate then use the handy 'link' button at the top right of the search results pages. This allows you to set all the search and refine options as you like, before automatically generating a link that will replicate the same search in the future.

Remember that the 'refine' links at the left of the search pages show all the options available to you. The less common options are not shown on the main page initially.

Handy hints for the best results:

  • Using the option to refine by user id allows you to limit the results shown to just one publisher. You probably want to show your own work, so you need to know your own user id - this is your account number which is shown on your My account page.
  • Use the right search fields! e.g. if want to show all your arangements of Mozart, make sure you put 'Mozart' in the 'composer' field. If you want to show all your brass quartet work, use the refine by instrumentation option.

How do I make a link to my profile page?

Before directing people to your profile page on Score Exchange, you should make sure that you have configured your score catalogue. You can do this from your Edit score catalogue page.

You can edit the other details on your profile page too, including the custom url of the page. Once you have your profile page set up as you want, the url will be You can view and edit your profile page on the My profile page in your account.

Note: if you have previously used links to your profile page with your user id in it, then these old links will continue to work. They will simply redirect to your new custom profile url.