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Score Exchange Credits

What are Score Exchange credits?

Score Exchange credits are the best value way to make purchases on Score Exchange. Credits are purchased in advance, then used to pay for your purchases instead of using your credit card or PayPal. When you purchase credits in advance there is a discount available for buying larger amount of credits.

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Why should I buy Score Exchange credits?

Score Exchange credits will save you money on every purchase that you make from Score Exchange.

When you buy credits you can pay less than one US Dollar per credit, but each credit is worth one US Dollar when you spend it.

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How much do Score Exchange credits cost?

Score Exchange credits are sold in packs. These are the pack prices:

Credits Price
2 $2
10 $10
25 $24
50 $46
100 $91
1000 $900

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How much are Score Exchange credits worth?

When you spend your credits at Score Exchange, each credit is worth one US dollar - you can pay less than a dollar for each credit when you bought them. The more you buy the cheaper each credit is to purchase!

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How long do Score Exchange credits last?

Score Exchange credits expire 12 months after the date of purchase.

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Can I convert my Score Exchange credits back to cash?

No - Score Exchange credits can only be used to complete purchases on Score Exchange.

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What can I buy with Score Exchange credits?

Anything that you can buy from Score Exchange can be paid for using credits. The only exception to this is buying additional credits - you can't buy credits with credits.

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Can I split the payment for a purchase between credits and another payment method?

No. Each purchase must be completed using a single payment method.

If you don't have enough credits available to complete your purchase then you can buy some more credits first, or make the payment using your credit/debit card or PayPal.

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If I sell music on Score Exchange, how does paying using credits affect me?

When a customer purchases your music using Score Exchange credits it makes no difference to you at all.

You will still be sent the payment in the usual way and there are no deductions to reflect the discount that the customer obtained because they initially purchased credits.

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How does VAT apply to credits?

If you don't usually need to pay VAT, e.g. you are a customer outside of Europe, then VAT does not apply to you in relation to Score Exchange credits.

If you do usually pay VAT (i.e. you are a customer in Europe), then you do not pay VAT when you initially purchase Score Exchange credits. This is because there is no product or service being purchased. When you later spend the credits, VAT is applied in the usual way and a VAT invoice will be sent to you, in the same way as if you paid using your credit card.

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